We specialise in providing networking solutions for small business. 


Release the burden of supporting your IT infrastructure & concentrate on developing your business. 


All aspects of your IT requirements can be supported by Premier Network Services. 

We recommend Microsoft Server based solutions in conjunction with Office 365 to provide you with centralised, reliable services.

We can provide you with robust backup solutions, including fully automated backup to offsite locations with almost instant on business continuity


Our partnership with Exetel gives us great access to high speed Internet connections that can totally change the way your business operates. In the age of the cloud, connectivity has never been more important. Business grade, high speed connectivity with failover and service level agreements are critical to ensuring you get the most out of any IT resources in the cloud


If your business has multiple offices, we can centralise your data and provide Terminal Server based access to legacy business applications,

reducing the complexity of multi-site databases and providing access to upto date data.


Their is no substitute for good planning

Let Premier Network Services guide you through the techno babble to get the IT infrastructure you need





All IT solutions are prone to develop problems.  Reduce the likelyhood of costly system outages by scheduling regular maintenance. 

This regular inspection of your environment will greatly reduce the incidents of systems outages by checking indicators such as event logs, disk usage, anti-virus software, backup logs & test data restoration.



If your IT systems are critical to your business, then it is important to know they are ready for business.


PremNet Live Monitor with daily reports lets you know that your servers are ready to serve you!



When things go wrong, you need it fixed fast.


In addition to On-Site visitations, we can provide Remote Support to any Windows or Mac that has Internet access.  No pre-configuration and greatly reduces support times & cost to your business


We service companies from all business segments

Our list of clients include wholesale, retail, manufacturing, hospitality, health services and more.

With such a diverse range of clients, you can be sure that we know how your IT systems can help your business grow.