Software Partners

- Microsoft

- Veeam

- Webroot

- SolarWinds




Services Partners

- Exetel (Large Independant ISP)

- Centuria Business Systems

- Capsol Business Systems



Hardware Partners

- Hewlett Packard

- Sonicwall

- D-Link

- Draytek


- Ubiquiti



Need it quickly?

Most Software and Hardware orders can be filled within 2 business days

Premier Network Services can provide solutions using technologies from a large range of vendors.

Most solutions are based around HP Servers, HP Desktops & Notebooks and Microsoft Software


If you require a change to your Internet Connectivity solution, we are an Exetel Internet Business partner.  Exetel are one of the largest, Telco Independent Internet & Communications companies in the Australia.  Exetel can provide ADSL, EoC, Fibre, 4G, Private IP WAN solutions, Voice over IP and much more


Our relationship with Centuria and Capsol Business Systems provides access to business accounting applications such as Advanced Business Manager and Capital Office V8.

Working together, we can ensure you get the most out of your IT systems